Become a Fighting Indian Football Booster Club Member

As a member of the Fighting Indians Football Boosters, you are contributing to the enhancement of the football program and the development of our players on their way to a winning season and a successful future. Your tax deductible donation to the Fight Indians Football Boosters is used solely for the benefit of the football teams, including coaches supplements, JV and Varsity pre-game meals, Letter Jackets, special equipment, camps, workshops, special needs and end of season banquets celebrating the accomplishments of both the JV and varsity teams. 

If you are an individual, and would like to be a Fighting Indian Football Booster, please click here.

If you are a business/business owner and would like to be a corporate partner, please click here.

With the stadium renovations your support is as important as it has ever been and the sooner you get involved, the bigger your impact on the program.